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Ultimate Cocktail Mixers Cordials

Urban Cordial’s ultimate cocktail mixers bundle is a collection of six cordials that pair perfectly with gin, rum, vodka or sparkling wine. 

The bundle includes the following cordial flavours: 

1x Apple, Cinnamon and Clove - fragrant and warming 

1x Blackberry and Lavender - sweet and mellow 

1x Pear and Ginger - zingy and refreshing 

1x Raspberry and Rosemary - tangy and sweet 

1x Strawberry and Sage - sweet and earthy 

1x Elderflower - delicate and floral 

Whether you make bramble cocktails, hot toddies or put a spin on gin and tonics, this bundle is a must-buy for your home bar. 

Urban Cordial turns surplus fruit into fantastic flavoured cordials, from apple, cinnamon and clove to raspberry and rosemary. City worker turned cordial connoisseur Natasha Steele first began foraging for ingredients in her allotment, turning the produce into cordial and selling at local farmers markets.  

Now, Urban Cordial works with local farms, using the less than perfect (but just as delicious) fruit that would have otherwise gone to waste. Each cordial is made in small batches, and minimal sugar is used to let the pure flavour of the ingredients shine.  

No allergens. Vegan. 

Shipping from Urban Cordial in London is £5

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Meet Natasha of Urban Cordial

Urban Cordial started as a hobby. I didn’t drink alcohol and made cordials for myself so I would have something interesting to drink that wasn’t apple juice or cola! I made a few bottles for friends and things went from there...
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