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Working with a selection of the finest producers — from granola makers in South London to smokeries in small Welsh villages — the London Delicatessen lets you shop from small brands, whether they’re one mile down the road or the other side of the country.

From charcuterie to cordials, ketchup to kombucha, it’s a one-stop shop to buy everything you need — from everyday essentials to weekend luxuries — just add a few fresh ingredients, or use alongside your weekly fruit and veg box. Every ingredient you buy ships directly from the maker, with most producers making, baking and fermenting fresh every week.

We know shopping small means more than just filling your kitchen cupboards, and that’s why the London Delicatessen lets you discover the people behind the food you’re buying. We’ve interviewed each maker, letting you listen to the great stories each person has to share.

We also know some of the ingredients you’re buying might be for that one Anna Jones dish you’ve been wanting to make for months, or that special birthday dinner, but with our recipe page, you’ll be reaching for each ingredient daily. We’ve written, tested, and tasted recipes for you to try at home, whether it’s a berry mojito for Urban Cordial, whisky poached pears for Beeble, or sausage tortiglioni for Yorkshire Pasta.

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Elise founded the London Delicatessen after struggling to find an online shop stocking a wide selection of products from small British makers. Growing up in New Zealand, Elise would spend weekends at local food markets, running around helping stall holders sell everything from hot sauce to homemade chutneys. With that passion for food still a key part of Elise’s life, she launched the London Delicatessen — an online farmers’ market, connecting small British makers with the whole country.

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The London Delicatessen has an ever growing team of passionate foodies. David is the resident tech pro who turns his hand to web design, number crunching and all things digital. Without David, the London Delicatessen would still be a great idea on paper.

Freelance copywriter and printmaker Ellie is the writer behind the words you’ll read as well as designing the homepage image. You can see more of her work here.