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Meet Rebecca of Rock My Bowl

I’ve always been passionate about food. I just decided in 2016 that I wanted to have a healthy food stall focusing on making breakfast incredible. Originally, I thought it would be all about porridge, but after I got a pitch at Druid St Market, I focused on developing a couple of signature granolas to start.

I don’t think of our granola as a bowl of cereal. It’s made to be enjoyed as an everyday luxury. A sprinkle on a smoothie or yoghurt or porridge—you don’t need a lot. We make mostly on demand, so the granola is as fresh as possible. We bake our granola in small batches, as the recipes contain no fillers or preservatives, with nothing nasty in there.

They developed a cult following pretty quickly, so I decided to develop other flavours. The flavour combinations are unique, and you really taste the difference in each one. The cacao and sea salt speaks for itself; you’ll just have to try it.

Everything is prepped by hand and packaged in the kitchen we built in my garden In Southeast London. Having the kitchen here in our garden has been so amazing, during COVID I was still able to home school my son (badly) and do my work around that without going anywhere. I think one of the many positives of this crazy time is that we have all wanted to help small and where possible, local businesses.

Where is your happy place?

What is your lazy go-to dish when cooking?
I cook a lot, so when I’m not prepping for that I very often will just chuck whatever veggies I have left in the oven with a load of herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast them up. Whilst they are roasting I will whizz up a pesto of herbs, nuts, and seeds. I’ll serve the veggies with the pesto and big slices of griddled sourdough.

What’s the strangest dish someone has used your products for? Have you tried it?
I can’t think of any strange dish that I’ve seen using my granola, but I do get a lot of people telling me they’ve eaten a whole bag in one sitting or that they’ve hidden it, and I’ve definitely done that too!

Photos by Charlotte Gray and Lucy Richards

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