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Meet Bethan of Mother Root

I started to make my Ginger Switchel while pregnant as a delicious alcohol-free alternative. Life as a new mum made me realise how much I really needed a feel-good, alcohol-free drink in my life. This was something I could look forward to enjoying at the end of another long day, but that would also nurture me. I realised that the “time for a drink” moment is about ritual and doing something pleasurable. So that’s why I knew I had to start Mother Root.

My Ginger Switchel is for those nights where you want a really satisfying drink that’s going to make you feel amazing as well. To make it I use a process called maceration. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is my base, and into that I macerate pressed Ginger Juice, chilli and then sweeten to balance the acidity with blossom honey, which also brings lovely orange blossom notes. In September 2020, Mother Root was featured on Saturday Kitchen Live, and Ottolenghi described my Switchel as “beautiful”. This was my dream moment, and it led to a year’s worth of sales in 12 hours!

I’m passionate about sourcing regeneratively and will soon be moving towards 100% organically sourced ingredients. I’m also working on a carbon footprint analysis to understand where we need to reduce our impact in what we do and will offset to become a carbon neutral operation soon.

My aim is to transform the meaning of drinking for pleasure and craft a delicious new alcohol-free ritual that nurtures your wellbeing. I love that as it is my business I have the ability to structure my days, and be there for my kids and husband when I want to be. I’m more present in their lives than ever before.

What’s the first restaurant you’re going to visit?
It’s Forza Wine in Peckham Rye. Amazing Italian food, views across all of London, and delicious cocktails (including Mother Root, of course!).

What is your lazy go-to / comfort food dish when cooking? Do you have a recipe?
Sourdough bread, deep roasted crunch peanut butter topped with kimchi. It’s to die for!

What’s the strangest dish someone has used your products for? Have you tried it?
Someone once used it in their pineapple upside down cake, with some turmeric too. It sounded amazing.

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