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Meet Max of Good Mood Matcha

I’ve been drinking matcha for as long as I can remember, I love the earthiness of matcha, and its unique flavours. I’ve always enjoyed sharing matcha with my family and friends and now want to share my love and passion for this green super powder with everyone. 

Matcha is grown in different regions in Japan, we know the terroir is what makes a difference, due to all the natural characteristics of the environment—soil, climate, geography, altitude—and by making our own blends we can produce the purest and most potent from of green tea at the highest-end of the quality spectrum. Matcha is commonly harvested three times throughout the year in Japan. We only use leaves picked at the first harvest, usually happening at the beginning of May. After assessing the leaves from various varieties and tea plantations we blend them according to our own ratios to create a smooth and earthy flavour that we like. Our leaves then are stored in wooden boxes after assessment. We grind fresh batches on demand and fill in sachets to preserve its quality like no others. 

From growing crops to processing, transporting, selling, storing and throwing away food, everything we eat has an impact on the environment and the climate, we can change what we buy and eat to have a more sustainable way of living. This is why we have designed sachets, to ensure no matcha goes to waste, nor goes off and spoils in large packets. The biggest challenge has been educating people about matcha, and how to identify good and bad matcha as well as why it’s a better alternative to their daily coffee. Matcha provides an all-round clean boost instead of the jitters that the coffee does, and the wonderful mix of amino acids, L-Theanine and antioxidants from the tea leaves creates a calming effect on our body energy balance, mood and concentration throughout the day. 

What’s the first restaurant you’re going to visit? The first place you’ll travel to? 
Koya in Soho, their udon has been stalking my dreams ever since.  First place I’ll travel to would be to my friend’s house in Fordham in Cambridgeshire, they have an amazing garden, I can’t wait to get out of London really. 

Where is your happy place? 
Kyoto... for obvious reasons, it’s the contrast between ancient and traditional and the cutting-edge craftsmanship, which it’s always exciting for me. 

What’s the strangest dish someone has used your products for? Have you tried it? 
I’ve seen people making matcha curry and matcha butter, I thought they’re fantastic! 

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